Be Your Own Boss Lunch - BYOB Lunch

Join Us For Lunch

Join us for lunch. Business Opportunity Lunch. Also known as Be Your Own Boss Lunch and BYOB Lunch for short. Any way we say it, it still means the same. An invitation for you to come and learn about our business and our Business Opportunity. Lunch is free and so is the information we would love to share with you. You must be at least 18 years old to attend this function.

Business Is Fun

Another part of our business is partying. No, not clubbing. Body Wrap Parties. This is one of the most fun and easiest ways to grow your business.

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Get A Mentor


You may not end up as the Wolf Of Wallstreet, but you could become a Master Of Marketing.

BBQ Chicken, Anyone?


Whoever said that bbq chicken doesn't go with success hasn't tasted my bbq chicken.

Become A Business Partner


Join us for lunch and maybe you will join us in success.

BBQ Burgers, Anyone?


We don't always have burgers. But, we always have Business Opportunities hot and ready for you.

Make Business Friendships


As our friendships grow so does our business. 

Mac & Cheese And Beans?


OK. That just looks good. That's all I have to say about that.